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How often will my subscription be re-billed? Can I cancel at anytime?

We bill on the 20th of every month, if you sign up within 20 days prior to the bill date, orders placed during this period will not re-bill this cycle. For example, if you sign up on June 15th, your next billing date will be July 20th. If you prepay in 3/6/12 month increments, you'll be recharged on the 20th in 3/6/12 months for another 3/6/12 month period.

To skip, cancel, or adjust your plan login to your account.

Please cancel before the 20th of the month to avoid being charged.

When you cancel, that cancels the subscription, avoiding any future charges. It will not cancel your inital order, so if you sign up for 1/3/6/12 months payments, and then cancel, you will still get the boxes you already paid for, but it will prevent more charges. If you paid for multiple months, and need to cancel the subscription, we can cancel the subscription, but any payments previously made are non-refundable. We always recommend trying the box on a monthly basis, before committing to a larger, pre-paid amount.

We open subscriptions up to 45 days before shipping date- we always list the box with available spots on the main page, so you know when your first box will ship. Additionally, we send you email at checkout to let you know when your first box will ship. If you would rather not wait between checkout and first box, you can always join our newsletter- I send out an email right before closing spots for each month, so you can wait till the last moment. Please keep in mind, we are not responsible if the box sells out before you purchase, being on the newsletter doesn't guarantee a subscription.

I'm a publisher/vender/artist and I want to work with The Bookish Box

Great! We would love to hear from you, just email and we will be in touch.

What's in the BOOOXXXX?!

Each month we have a literary theme, that we announce on our site & all social media channels.  All goodies, and our selected book, and shirt will be based on the monthly theme. You can customize the type of box you'd like to sign up for. Options for boxes are:

Goodies and YA Book: Includes the goodies, and a newly released, first in a series, young adult book

Goodies, Shirt, and Ya Book :Includes the above mentioned items, and  shirt in your selected size and style.

Plus Size Monthly Bookish Box: Includes the goodies and shirt only, in 2x + sizing.

Woman's Monthly Bookish Box : Includes the goodies and a woman's style fitted tee in XS-XL sizing.

Unisex & Woman's Bookish Box: Include the goodies, and either a unisex , or Jr. fitted tee in XS-XL sizing.

Gimme Just a Shirt: Includes only the shirt, in any size or style selected, mailed in a poly bag to save you on shipping costs.

All the Goodies, But No Shirt : Includes 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items designed around the theme.

The books we include are young adult, and are newley released, so have been released within 40 days of our shipping date.You can change the box type as often as every billing cycle. If you're on a monthly plan, that means you just need to make any changes to your account by the 19th of every month.

Do you provide International delivery?

We ship around the world. Customer is repsonsible for any & all customs fee's.

How do I track my order?

Packages ship begin to ship the 14th in batches, over the course of 5 business days,  every month. Once shipped, you will get a email with tracking numbers for your package.

Lost/Stolen Package?

When we ship your box, you will receive a tracking number. Once your package is dropped off at USPS, it's the responsibility of the Postal Service. If you do not receive your package, please e-mail me and I will see what options we have. Unfortunately, I am unable to replace lost or stolen packages

Can I switch my size? What about if I want to change the type of box I receive?

Yes, you can change your size, just login in to your account and edit. From your account, you can also switch the type of subscription you have. Once you have made changes to the type of box you want, it will go into effect your next billing cycle.

What is your returns policy?

Once your package has shipped, we do not offer refunds. If for any reason your package was unsatisfactory, please email me

How does the gifting process work?

When you select the gift option, at checkout,  you'll enter the email address of the gift recipient & the date you would like us to email them. On that date, our system will email them a claim link, they then click the link, and are directed to enter their preferences and shipping information. Depending on when they actually claim the gift, is the box month they get. For example, if they claim on 1/22, they would of missed the February cutoff, and would then get our March box.

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