Young Adult Book, Goodies and a Shirt

This box includes the 3-5 home, beauty and fashion items, a shirt, and a YA newly released book.

Adult Book, Goodies, and a Shirt

This box includes a newly release adult title, the goodies and a shirt inspired by the monthly theme.

Woman's Size Bookish Box

Plus Size Monthly Subscription Book(ish) Box

Shirt, acessories

Shirt and Goodies Box Unisex

Includes the Monthly shirt and goodies

YA Book & Shirt Only

This includes a YA book & the shirt.

Goodies & YA Book

This box includes all the goodies, and a young adult book, but no shirt!

Shirt Only

Select this to receive only a shirt each month, shipping in a mailer bag!

Adult Book & Goodies

This box includes a newly release adult title, genres include chick-lit, suspense, contemporary, and romance.

Adult Book & Shirt

This includes a Adult book & the shirt.

Young Adult Book Only

This option includes the book, and any book included products depending on the month. This can include, a signed book plate, bookmark, alternate dust jacket, or other items. These items are not always in each box, but will be included in this option if they are. The Book only subscription is shipped via bubble mailer.

Adult Book Only

The monthly adult book title.